Residential Plot land Sale in Omaxe New Chandigarh-Phase1-2-3


Residential Plots Land For Sale in Omaxe New Chandigarh-Phase1-2-3 Prices and Details

op1Buy and Sell Residential Omaxe Plots Lands in New Chandigarh  which is a modern integrated township. Residential omaxe plots New Chandigarh phase 1, 2, and 3 is buzzing with development activities, proposed over 1000 acres .The plots sizes in Omaxe plots in New Chandigarh are of 115 sq yard, 150 sq yard ( Allotment for these plots is done by company Omaxe Ltd . Get Best Deals Of 250 sq yard ,200 sq yard /300 sq yard , 400 sq yard , 500 sq yard and 1000 sq yard plots in omaxe New Chandigarh mullanpur, and build house of your own style and design under the guidelines of GMADA .  Omaxe plots in Mullanpur, New chandigarh is an next alternative to Chandigarh itself .

As Omaxe is Just a face but at rule and regulation applicable by GMADA only like road size minimum 40 ft , parks , school sites, police posts, commercial market area etc . Residential Plot For Sale in Omaxe New Chandigarh-Phase1-2-3 becoming an loving destination to home buyers/ end users due to its high quality development, connectivity to major areas of chandigarh. People love be a part of omaxe because action speaks louder than words itself.

Omaxe plots in mullanpur, new chandigarh will soon get operational with Both the ring road either its 200ft Airport road or 200 ft Delhi – Anandpur express way , roads taken shape with some little patches left to join. After joining of these patches this area will hardly comes under the distance of 3 to max 8 kms. Things are already taken shape in this area and more 1500 families are already living very happily. Living in the foot hills of shivalik hills with 33 % green belt and only 30% residential area will make your life happy and healthy.

Omaxe Plots in mullanpur New Chandigarh come up as very highly demanding product to this are as there is no fresh inventory of sale in plots left with the Omaxe ltd it self . As the planned infrastructure on the guide lines of urban estate with 100% power backup area, gated society, parks, open to sky operational gyms, club houses, etc making this area first priority to end users to make their dream homes. people who invested at price price of 1500/ sq yard in 2010/2011/2012 are now selling their property from 30-40 thousand per sq yard prices . So whether you want to do investment in Omaxe plots in New Chandigarh/Mullanpur you will get great premium  or an end user you will love to live here . We as an Property Masterz authorized  real estate consultant of Omaxe New Chandigarh Mullanpur give you the best deals and property investment advice to meet you vision.

Best location Omaxe Plots in New Chandigarh, Mulanpur available with us corner park, east best inventory availble with best prices .

New Chandigarh Omaxe sold plots in different phases,Chandigarh omaxe prices and sizes year to year ,Phase-1,2,3,4 and 5 .


Omaxe New Chandigarh, it also consists of independent villas and floors, enjoys the walking distance of the upcoming metro line and bus terminal, Sarangpur Industrial Area and is at a stone’s throw distance from PGI Chandigarh making it a very attractive destination.


The township is also home to one of Punjab’s tallest commercial hub, India Trade Tower. Facilities like schools, office-cum-shopping complex and space for recreational activities like amusement parks enthrall the township Infrastructure including educational institutions, jogging track, underground drainage, medical facility healthcare, hospitality, landscaped gardens, children park, club with ultra-modern facilities which add to the advantage of Omaxe New Chandigarh.


An unrestricted lush green view of the Shivalik ranges, lush botanical garden makes the environs healthy and pollution free.


Omaxe plots in New Chandigarh, located in just next to Chandigarh is set to emerge as next real estate destination for home buyers. Punjab First Eco-Town, the city is providing more space to new development with better planning and is well connected to Chandigarh with 200 ft wide roads.


As on today’s market real estate sector is quite down but in Omaxe plots in Mullanpur new chandigarh , use to be sold on premium ,which word don’t exist in today’s estate market. Omaxe sold plots in Omaxe new Chandigarh in 2010 at a price of 15000 which is now available in market at the rate of 30 to 40 thousand per sq yd .You must feel it is sellers market, again i have to say just give a site visit rest is all done .Omaxe Chandigarh plots are Recommended product to buy all the site layout and plans are approved by govt and available on govt wesite of GMADA.

We are having desperate deals in Omaxe plots chandigarh which starts from 24000/ sq yd minimum 300 sq yard which the omaxe chandigarh company is selling at 28000-32000/sq yard in fresh sale.

We Property Masterz is authorized sale and channel partner to Omaxe and Govt approved REARA regd real estate consultant in new Chandigarh Mullanpur who sold above than 250 to 300 plots in this Omaxe Plots in new Chandigarh mullanpur with all crystal clear and best deals. we provide you all satisfaction before going for deal about location, legal status etc of omaxe plots and at the time of transfer we have to provided written letter head about genuineness of documents. Omaxe plots in New Chandigarh is an urban estate where you dont have to worry about every small things like ganga jamna enclave etc.

Omaxe New Residential land/plots In New Chandigarh launched at the price of 32600/ q yard basic sale price at different locations september 2019 and allocation of numbering have started for these plots in January 2024 . There are different sites available with omaxe residential land launched as seeing the demand of market with corner/park facing . Omaxe 300sq yard, 350 sq yard, 500 sq yard, 600 sq yard plots launched in Mullanpur New Chandiharh.

After long wait road connecting directly with Chandigarh to Omaxe phase 3  tender is been given. This Pr-4 200 ft wide road was the main back bone bone of the project omaxe in Ne Chandigarh Mullanpur. Construction wor of this road is at full swing and by 2021 it will be done This road is also called as Delhi- Anandpur express highway only around 500-800 mtr patch was pending from long time . After The connectivity of this Pr-4 there will be great price jump in the prices of plots in Omaxe New Chandigarh Mullanpur.

There is good jump in prices of plots after Covid . There is hood jump of around 10 to 15 lakh in omaxe plots new chandigarh . As people can well fell the development work and location of plots . 

Omaxe plots in first time after launch have so much movement that prices as on feb / 2021 shoot up  suddenly and there is very less inventory in the market is available now . People started feeling the development and prices and connectivity through 200 ft airport road and Chandigarh road . 

After 2020 Covid wave Omaxe plots new Chandigarh prices shoots very high in Dec 2020 to March 2021 , approx jump of 10,000/ Rs per Sq yard . Means there is jump of around 30 to 40 lakh for 300 Sq yard plots which was never expected . 

Covid 2021 second lawyer again effects the market of Omaxe city plots in New Chandigarh and rest its result will get in effect as it ends .

Prices of Omaxe plots on August 2021 shoots up to minimum 45000/ Sq yard which is little late to reach but definitely . As in other area prices are bubble but here stagnant growth can be seen.

On January 2024 Resale prices of Omaxe Chandigarh land plot  shoots to min 60,000 per s yard to 75000/ sq yard and One Lac also depend upon location .There is some fresh stock of plots for sale in omaxe new Chandigarh which they could plan to sale by navratras 2024 october . there are many sizes available in these plots vary from 150 to  200, 300 and 500 sq yards .

Corner park facing  omaxe plots in New Chandigarh also available with us  

Note-As this rate is available in resale price and location matter at the time you buy ,this info is on April-2024
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Sizes & Prices

New Chandigarh Omaxe Phase-1 Plots Prices/Other Charges/Allotment Details mullanpur

  • Omaxe Phase 1 Plots In New Chandigarh Launch Date: Jan-2010
  • Omaxe mullanpur Plot Size 200, 300, 400 & 500 Sq Yards
  • Location: Sector-5C , New Chandigarh Extension, Mullanpur
  • Allotment Price/ Basic Sale Price (BSP): Rs. 13300/- PSY
  • External Development Charges (EDC): Rs. 1750/- PSY
  • Club Membership: Rs. 50,000/-
  • IFMS: Rs. 30,000/-
  • PLC: Single 5%, Double 8% and Triple 10% (Wider Road 60’ or more/ Corner/ Park facing)
  • Booking Amount: 10% of the BSP
  • Interest free time linked Installment Plan of 18-Months
  • Down Payment discount of 10% on BSP
  • Amount Paid: 95% of the BSP and 100% of other charges
Omaxe Phase 1 Plots in New Chandigarh are available in resale for Rs.70,000 to 1,10,000/- Per Sq Yard

in jan 2024 depend upon Particular location,Size,Time and allotment Rate

Video of Omaxe Phase 1 plot on Feb 2024


Details Omaxe Phase-2 plots in New Chandigarh mullanpur Plots Prices/Other Charges/Allotment

  • Omaxe phase 2 plots New Chandigarh Launch Date Dec-2010
  • Plot Size: 300, 400 & 500 Sq Yards
  • Location: Sector-4C, New Chandigarh Extension, Mullanpur
  • BSP (Launch Price on Dec-2010): Rs. 18000/-PSY for 300/400/500-Syd Plot
  • BSP (as on Jan-2011): Rs. 18900/-PSY for 300 and Rs. 18400/- for 400/500-Syd Plot
  • BSP (Closing Price as on Feb-2011): Rs. 19900/-PSY for 300/400/500-Syd Plot
  • External Development Charges (EDC/IDC): Inclusive
  • Club Membership: Rs. 50,000/-
  • IFMS: Rs. 30,000/-
  • PLC: Single 5%, Double 8% and Triple 10% (Wider Road 60’ or more/ Corner/ Park facing)
  • Booking Amount: 25% of the BSP
  • Interest free time linked Installment Plan of 18-Months
  • Down Payment discount of 10% on BSP
  • Amount Paid: 60% of the BSP and 50% of other charges


Now New Omaxe Phase 2 Plots in new chandigarh are available in resale price of Rs.60000 to 70000/- Per sq yard in Jan 2024 depending upon Particular location,Size,Time and allotment price.


Omaxe Phase-3 Plots Price/Other Charges/Allotment Details in New Chandigarh mullanpur

  • Omaxe phase 3 plots in New Chandigarh Launch Date: Sept-2011
  • Plot Size: 300, 400, 500 & 1000-SYD
  • Location: Sector-3C, New Chandigarh Extension, Mullanpur
  • Just 2.5Km from Sector-38W Chandigarh
  • Close to new PCA stadium, Mullanpur
  • BSP (Launch Price on Sep-2011): Rs. 23500/-PSY for 300/400/500/1000-Syd Plot
  • BSP (as on Oct-2011): Rs. 24500/-PSY for 300 and Rs. 24000/- for 400/500/1000-Syd Plot
  • BSP (Closing Price as on Nov-2011): Rs. 25500/-PSY for 300 and Rs. 24000/- for 400/500/1000-Syd Plot
  • EDC Charges: Rs 1490-PSY
  • Club Membership Fee: Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • IFMS: Rs. 30,000/-
  • PLC: Single 7%, Double 10% and Triple 12% (Wider Road 60’ or more/ Corner/ Park facing)
  • Booking Amount: 14-Lakh for 300-Syd, 18-Lakh for 400-Syd23-Lakh for 500-Syd and 30-Lakh for 1000-Syd
  • Interest free time linked Installment Plan of 18-Months
  • Down Payment discount of 8% on BSP+EDC in omaxe phase 3 plots


Now Omaxe Phase 3 Plots are available in resale price of Rs.70,000 to 100000/- Per sq yard in jan 2024 depending upon Particular location,Size,Time and allotment price.


Video of Omaxe Phase 3 plots on Feburary 2022

Please contact further: +91-9915100085, 9988187776
or Email [email protected]



  • Omaxe New Chandigarh plots is Ultra-modern Township(Urban Estate guidelines) of over 1000 acres
  • Just 2.5 Km to 9 km on 200 ft road from sector 15 (PGI/PUNJAB UNIV) depend on the plot location
  • Stunning villas
  • Plots available in 200/300/500 sq. yards
  • A gargantuan 5-star hotel
  • Test your energies at the Amusement Park
  • Shop at a gigantic world-class shopping mall
  • Recreational facilities in the vicinity
  • Service apartments
  • Facility like educity (1700 acre) and Medecity (150-200 acre) just v closer to your door step
  • Work in lavish offices
  • Commercial Towers designed up-to-the-minute
  • Enjoy a fit life with well equipped clubs
  • Strategically designed G+2 independent floors
  • A part of Punjab’s first Eco-Town (Mullanpur) designed by JURONG
  • Rejuvenate with overlooking Shivalik range
  • Lush Botanical Garden
  • Walk through embracing 30 kms of reserve forest

Please contact further: +91-9915100085, 9988187776
or Email [email protected]

Site Plan

Omaxe New Chandigarh - Plots



Please contact further: +91-9915100085, 9988187776
or Email [email protected]

Photo Gallery

Omaxe New Chandigarh - Plots

Omaxe New Chandigarh - Plots

Omaxe New Chandigarh - Plots

Omaxe New Chandigarh - Plots

Omaxe New Chandigarh - Plots

Omaxe New Chandigarh - Plots

Please contact further: +91-9915100085, 9988187776
or Email [email protected]

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