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Finance_SolutionBuying a home calls for huge one-time expenditure and most buyers prefer to rely on home loans to finance their acquisition. Housing finance institutions typically provide financial assistance to the tune of upto 85% of the agreement value of the proposed acquisition. Being a one-stop shop for housing in Chandigarh, Durga has specialized help desk dedicated exclusively to assist customers to avail housing finance from reputed financial institutions.

The services provided by our help desk include:

  • Identifying and introducing you to the housing finance service provider which is best suited for your needs
  • Advising you on the procedures involved in availing home loans
  • Assisting you in preparing the required documentation
  • Speedy processing of legal opinion and valuation report (within two days)
  • Compiling land documents
  • For NRI customers, follow up and liaison with their General Power of Attorney (GPA) designates
  • Liaising with your financial institution to source the funds from your loan account against installments due to us during various stages of house construction.

The duration required for sanction of a home loan could range from one week to three months depending on your case profile and the bank’s lending policy. Our home loan help desk has valuable associations with several reputed banks to help you avail home loans with the least hassles.
Following are some of the banks where we could be of help to you:


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