Booking Checklist


1. Resident of India

  1. a. Copy of PAN Card – Self Attested
  2. b. Residence proof (Driver’s License/Ration Card/Passport/Voters Id/AADHAAR) – Self Attested
  3. c. Passport-size photographs (Per Applicant)
  4. d. Cheque Book

2. Partnership Firm

  1. a. Copy of PAN Card of the Partnership Firm – attested by Partners
  2. b. Copy of Partnership Deed
  3. c. Authority letter from other Partners of the Partnership Firm to authorize the Partner who will be signing on the firm’s behalf
  4. d. Passport-size photographs (for Partner authorized to sign on behalf of Firm)
  5. e. Cheque Book

3. Private Limited Company

  1. a. Copy of PAN Card of the Company (Attested)
  2. b. Articles of Association & Memorandum of Agreement duly signed by the Company Authorities
  3. c. Board Resolution authorising the signatory of the Application Form to buy property on behalf of the Company
  4. d. Passport-size photographs (for Signatory authorized to buy property on behalf of Company)
  5. e. Cheque Book

4. NRI/Foreign National of Indian Origin/PIO

  1. a. Copy of Individual’s passport/Copy of Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card
  2. b. 2 Passport-size photographs (Per Applicant)
  3. c. All cheque payments should be received from the NRE/NRO/FCNR account of the customer only, or via foreign remittance. Payment from third party accounts will not be acceptable

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