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DLF HYDE PARK COMMERCIAL SHOWROOMS, BOOTHS, SHOPS IN NEW CHANDIGARH is all time better investment opurtunity as habitation is yet to be come .
The micro shops are small size commercial plots in DLF Hyde Park, New Chandigarh. 1400 families are already a part of this city. These shops capture a huge consumer base, inside and from outside also. The plot size is 33.33 sq. yards or 10feet by 30feet reasonably sized.

These Micro shops and showrooms of DLF in New Chandigarh Mullanpur are located in three pockets with acess on 200ft sector dividing madhya marg and dakshin .This DLF market will be known as heart of new Chandigarh as it located Opposite to club house surrounded by all residential block give this market an very positive and approachable touch. Two sector dividing roads also an good approach to these commercial dlf spaces in new chandigarh .

It is just a few minutes drive from Chandigarh. This road has a good connectivity to Baddi, Nalagarh and Mohali. It is very close to Tata Cancer Hospital, Mullanpur.

DLF HYDE PARK COMMERCIAL SHOWROOMS/ SHOPS in which company sold it in  R1 pocket which is properly taken shape and construction of these commercial is at full swing. This R1 pocket commercial is very well located to 5star cub of DLF Hyde Park New Chandigarh which is already operation , and once you visit this site or club i bet you will not blink your eyes once.


DLF COMMERCIAL SHOWROOMS/MICRO SHOPS IN NEW CHANDIGARH are located on all the major 200 ft and 100 ft sector dividing roads with different pocket of four to five areas. Prices of dlf commercial showrooms/ shops in New Chandigarh vary from different pocket and locations .


There is a proposal of botanical garden, amusement park and medicity too. It is also close to PGI.

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for layou plans of Dlf hyde park Coommercial new chandigarh please call us or for detail to which pocket you need it



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